Utah Storm Water Advisory Committee

Mission Statement: The Utah Storm Water Advisory Committee will coordinate efforts to reduce storm water pollution and provide adequate flood control. The committee will jointly review governing regulations, disseminate information to enhance compliance with those regulated, promote effective storm water management training, and assist local municipalities and other interested parties to implement best management practices, consistent with their individual needs and resources. The committee will also review any proposed storm water regulations to assess potential impacts on the regulated community.

The Utah Storm Water Advisory Committee (USWAC), a subcommittee of the American Public Works Association (APWA) Utah Chapter is open to anyone and everyone to attend.

2017 Chairman: Justin Maughan, P.E.

Chairman Elect: Tom Beesley, P.E.

Past Chairman: Ashley Thoman, P.E..

USWAC Chairs

2004                Greg Beckstrom (Retired)                  Utah County

2005                Paul Taylor                                          Davis County

2006                Bill Young                                          Cache County

2007                Trace Robinson                                   Salt Lake County

2008                Dan Woodbury                                   Salt Lake County

2009                Curtis Christensen (Retired)

2010                Steve Johnson                                     Utah County

2011                Todd Christensen                                Davis County

2012                Clay Bodily

2013                Steve Burgon                                      Salt Lake County

2014                Dean Ayala                                         Weber County

2015                Nestor Gallo                                       Utah County